Thermal Resistance of an Insulation Sample (BRANZ)

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Thermal Resistance of an Insulation Sample


NRG Building Systems Pty Ltd, 30 Binary Street, Yatala, QLD 4207, Australia.


The test equipment used was a LaserComp Fox 600 heat flow meter.  The specimen for testing is placed horizontally in the apparatus, with upwards heat flow.  The hot and cold plates each have a 250 mm x 250 mm heat flux transducer embedded in their surface.  The edges of the specimen are insulated from the room ambient temperature.


The specimen was supplied by the client and consisted of  one piece of  light greenpolystyrene.  The dimensions of the sample were 595 x 595 mm.  It was tested at itsactual thickness, to the requirements of ASTM C518-04.


These measurements comply with the requirements of ASTM C518. The uncertainty in the measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance are estimated to be ± 3%.

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