QT EcoSeries Construction Detail

Slab & Floor

All foundations must comply with the relevant standards and local authority requirements, with appropriate consideration given to soil type. QT EcoSeries Wall Panel is suitable for construction on concrete slab or suspended floors.  The concrete slab can either be rebated or non-rebated.  The slab rebate will need to be a minimum of 50mm below floor level and 100mm above paved level or 150mm above ground level (See local standards).

To ensure a flush finish, the width of the slab rebate needs to allow for the thickness of the coating system, the thickness of the panel (40mm or 50mm), and the size of the extended wall cavity 20 – 50mm (30mm nom). Minimum ground clearances, must be maintained at all times during the life of the building. Insufficient clearance from the ground to the bottom of the wall panels will affect long-term durability.


The Building Code of Australia in conjunction with AS 3660 specifies the requirement for termite risk management. (See local standards).

The edge of a slab-on-ground may be used as a visual perimeter barrier. Provided that the slab edge is left exposed not less than 75mm above finished ground or paved level.

The face of the perimeter must not be concealed by a flashing, rendered, tiled or clad.

The exposed edge of the slab must be kept clean and free of debris and regularly visually inspected for termite activity. QT EcoSeries Wall Panel does not hold any nutritional value for ants or rodents.


Wherever possible windows and associated flashings should be installed prior to the installation of the QT EcoSeries Wall Panel.

When ordering the window frame it is essential to plan where the window flange will be positioned either flush with the stud frame, flush with battens or even over the panel.

All materials that are susceptible to deterioration due to plastics migration or alkalinity of cement base products must be protected (check with product manufacturer).

Decorative Mouldings

To provide added design flexibility, decorative mouldings or featurescan be made using QT EcoSeries Wall Panels. The panel can be cut into bands or laminate multiple layers and shape to achieve the desired profile. Once installed, a coating system would then beapplied. Alternatively, a wide range of decorative mouldings are available from various manufacturers.

QT EcoSeries Wall Panels can be cut into bands that can be installed around windows, doors, along horizontal control joints, etc to enrich the aesthetics of the project. They are installed so the top and bottom edge (bevelled at 15 degrees) falls away from the wall. Where bands meet, they should be cut at a 45˚ angle, across the face of the corbelto help conceal the join and increase the adhered surface bond.Bands are bonded into place with polyurethane foam and corbelscrews or nails to mechanically fix the bands until the foam is set.


Door framing must be fixed in position prior to the installation of the QT EcoSeries Wall Panels. The door framing will allow the panel to be cut and installed neat but independent of the frame. Door frames must be fixed to the structural framing. Decorative moulding scan be used to emphasize the door opening.

All materials that are susceptible to deterioration due to plastics migration or alkalinity of cement base products must be protected(check with product manufacturer).

Wall to Roof

Wall to roof details can often be unsightly as they are easily seen and hard to conceal without compromising the weather tightness of the dwelling. Because of its visibility, it is essential to create clean straight lines either by using a uPVC  moulding or cover flashings.

Soffit & Eaves

The eaves or roof overhang play a significant role in the comfort performance of the building. Eaves or overhangs are used to shade the walls from the summer sun, while capturing the sun’s heat in the winter. Eaves will reduce glancing light, which highlights the wall surface. Glancing light is the light that is nearly parallel to the surface of the wall and casts visible shadows and uneven projections of the surface finish QT EcoSeries Wall Panels can be installed to suit various soffit designs and details.

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