QT Eco Series Benefits

Fire Resistance 

Fire Safe Benefit Icon

Safe and non-combustible
FRL 60/60/60 & 90/90/90.

Excellent Insulation

Insulation Icon

Thermal rating – all year comfort.

Environmentally Responsible

Environmentally Resposible Icon

Recycled polystyrene, low embodied energy.

Acoustic Performance

Sound Abatement Icon

Reduced exterior noise –
up to STC 61 or Rw61.


Insulation Icon

Easy to handle,
less manpower – 20kg/m2.


Weather-Tight Icon

Superior moisture management –
cavity construction.


Strength Icon

Solid wall, secure and durable –

suitable for C3(W60C) – cyclonic

wind classification.


Visual Appeal Icon

QT EcoSeries wall panel has a

wide choice of textures

and colours.


Efficiency Icon

Reduced construction time – less

scaffold hire, carpentry install,

no wet trades.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Icon

QT EcoSEPARATE Fire Wall System

is one of the most economical

systems in today’s market place.

Award Winning

Award Icon

2003 Finalist Best New Product
2004 Special commendation – Environmental Product.

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