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The combination of strength, thermal and acoustic insulation properties of Hebel® PowerFloor makes it an ideal choice for both elevated ground floor and second storey applications.

The surface is smooth and flat and provides an excellent, stable substrate for tile, slate, marble and other hard surface flooring including bathrooms, laundry and other wet area applications. They are also ideal as a base for carpet, vinyl, timber boards, parquetry and decorative plywood flooring.

Hebel® PowerFloor panels are glued and screwed to timber or steel framing. It is this composite action that results in greater resistance to bounce and flex.


Hebel® Low Rise & Detached Floor

Hebel® PowerFloor is ideal for first floor and suspended ground floors as well as decks and balconies.

PowerFloor panels are glued and screwed to timber or steel framing. It is this composite action that results in greater resistance to bounce and flex making Hebel® PowerFloor an excellent stable base for tile, slate, marble and other hard surface flooring. It is also perfectly suited to carpet, vinyl, timber boards and decorative finishes.

A quiet word about first floors

If you’re looking at building a two storey home or a second storey addition and you’re concerned about sound transmission between floors, Hebel®PowerFloor would be an excellent choice for you.

The unique structure of PowerFloor™ is particularly resistant to foot fall noise – the most common noise problem in modern, two storey homes.

Building on a sloping site?

If you are building on a sloping site, you will more than likely have a suspended floor. The improved thermal efficiency of Hebel® PowerFloor™ can contribute significantly to the energy efficiency rating of your home.

In states that insist on new dwellings satisfying certain measurable criteria, Hebel® PowerFloor™ can actually reduce the reliance on other design changes which may be necessary to comply such as double glazing and reduced window sizes.

Environmentally preferable

  • Hebel® have been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. www.geca.org.au (reduced environmental load of at least 30% over the life cycle*)
  • Hebel® PowerFloor produces 43% less greenhouse gas emissions than particleboard flooring




  • No propping: No requirement for rigid propping, as panels are supported by the joists.
  • Good load carrying capacity: PowerFloor™ systems can support a maximum uniformly distributed load of 3kPa, or concentrated (point) load of 1.8kN, with joists at 600mm maximum centres. For loads outside this range, please contact Hebel®.
  • Low wastage: Minimal on-site cutting as panels are supplied in standard lengths to suit joist spacings.
  • Rapid installation: Typical placement rates of 70m2/day can be achieved, with follow-on trades starting after 24 hours. The speed of construction of the project is further enhanced when coupled with Hebel® PowerWall™ Systems.
  • Tranquillity: PowerFloor™ is designed for superior acoustic insulation. It creates a sound barrier between floors, and used with a Hebel wall system, maximises the tranquillity in your home.
  • Termite resistant: AAC is not a food source for termites.
  • No pre-drilling required: All fixings can self-tap through the AAC.
  • Fire resistance: Excellent resistance to fires on top of the floor.
  • Solidity: PowerFloor™ is extremely strong, and each panel is reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh. The panels fit snugly together to form a strong and smooth floor.
  • Thermal Resistance: PowerFloor’s™ better thermal efficiency assists in achieving thermal ratings that results in reduced heating and cooling costs.

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