Hebel® Low Rise & Detached Intertenancy wall

Hebel® Intertenancy Wall Systems provide significant benefits for low rise multi-residential developers when compared to standard party wall solutions.


  • Quick and easy to install – fast installation and assembly with smaller construction crew requirements leading to earlier project completion. No sheeting of roof space when compared to sheet lined systems
  • Fire protection – non-combustible panels and very good fire rating for overall system (90/90/90)
  • Acoustic performance – significantly reduced sound transmission between units and rooms
  • Thermal resistance – excellent thermal performance
  • Impact noise resistance – discontinuous construction alternative to reduce transfer of impact noise
  • No wet trades – cleaner, safer work area
  • Lightweight – lighter loads on structures compared to masonry block for equivalent Rw + Ctr rating
  • Slender walls – wall thicknesses range from 275mm to 375mm
  • Secure – steel reinforced panels provide a high degree of security between units


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