Hebel® DIY Range

CSR Panel Systems  have developed a range of Hebel® DIY blocks and panels that have been specifically designed for people interested in making DIY projects.

Hebel® DIY Blocks and Panels are easy to work with, are lightweight yet strong, durable and environmentally friendly. Hebel® DIY Blocks and Panels can also be easily cut, routed and sanded and are ideal for just about any DIY project.

The following DIY project sheets are available for you to download from this website

  • Barbeque – build in a weekend, simple construction for a great in-built looking BBQ
  • Dog Kennel – keep your dog cooler in summer and warmer in winter, build in a weekend and be creative by adding a stylish effect with texture coating
  • Bench Seat and Outdoor Table – add a stylish setting to your outdoor area and create a Tuscan appearance finish with Dulux® Medium texture coat
  • Letterbox – build a safe place for your mail with minimum tools required

CSR Panel Systems also make a range of Hebel®blocks that are ideal for bath, shower and spa hobs. The excellent thermal properties of Hebel® help maintain the heat in spas and baths, thereby saving energy and money.

Please note – Hebel® DIY blocks and panels are not suitable for the following applications: Retaining walls, structural walls, water features, block homes, fencing and flooring.

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