Hebel® Commercial & Industrial Floor

Hebel® flooring systems have been developed for a wide range of commercial applications.

Hebel® PowerFloor consists of 75mm steel-reinforced panels installed over steel or timber joists to give an excellent, solid base for just about any floor covering.

Hebel® FloorPanel is made up of steel-reinforced panels (150-250mm thick) supported by a steel or concrete support frame with a ring anchor around every panel to hold it in position.


  • Lightweight – lighter loads on structure can assist in reducing slabs, columns and footings
  • Cost effective – speed of installation and reduced structural sizes means cost savings compared to masonry flooring
  • Less wastage – greatly reduced waste as panels can be custom made to suit requirements. Fewer waste bins and less crane movements
  • Strength and security – corrosion protected, steel-reinforced AAC panels provide a high degree of strength, durability and security.

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