Hebel® and the Environment


By choosing Hebel® you can feel good in the knowledge that you have chosen a building material that is better for our environment. The unique innovation that is Hebel® delivers a large number of key environmental benefits over comparable materials.

Independently assessed

To clarify these environmental benefits Hebel® has worked with Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) to conduct a life cycle assessment (LCA) to the international standard ISO 14 024 comparing Hebel® to other building products with the same application. Life cycle assessment is the leading methodology used to quantify the environmental impacts over a product’s entire life including: raw material, extraction, production, during use and disposal at end of the product life.This independent assessment found that Hebel® has clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria. These include global warming, acidification, heavy metal content, carcinogens, smog creation, cumulative energy demand, water use and solid waste generation. In many cases the environmental benefits were well over 60% better than comparable materials.

Raw materials

The low bulk density of Hebel® AAC means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are used in its production than for other masonry products. All raw materials are sourced local to minimise energy used in transport.


Hebel® is made from Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) – an amazingy innovative building material. The Hebel® production process is ecologically responsible with very little waste produced and we have a passion to reduce waste further through extensive recycling. Production waste, slurry and even the steam generated are recycled back into the manufacturing process while waste steel and oil are recycled off site.

Embodied energy

Hebel® PowerWall uses over 60% less embodied energy than comparative concrete and brick veneer wall systems.


The combination of modular panel sizes which are designed to suit standard building practices and the ease of working with standard power tools means there is very little waste on site during construction. This means less mess and less landfill due to leftover building materials. Hebel® products are non toxic and don’t emit any gases, another reason why they are an increasingly popular choice for people concerned with building a healthy, environmentally responsible home or building.

Environmental Award for Hebel

CSR Panel Systems is proud to have been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Label for each of its products and systems.

To qualify for the GECA endorsement, Hebel® products and systems were assessed against the GECA 8-2005 Environmentally Innovative Products Standard. The assessment found Hebel®products and systems have significantly reduced environment loads, of at least 30% over their life-cycle, for the top three primary environmental impacts and in some cases the benefits were even stronger. In comparison to competitor products on the Australian market which serve the same functional purpose, around 50% less greenhouse gases and 50% less carcinogens were produced as verified by the GECA.

Mr Petar Johnson, Chairman of GECA stated that “Hebel® products and systems have clear environmental performance benefits compared to most other widely used products in the construction industry in Australia. We expect to see a growing demand for this produce line as more architects, builders and construction firms grapple with the environmental performances of their designs. Hebel® should be recognised as the leading wall, floor and sound barrier solution for Australia.”

The GECA label is a clear and credible guide for consumers who want to purchase products with lower environmental impacts and it is the only environmental labeling program in Australia that independently assesses the environmental performance of products from a life cycle perspective.

The Good Environmental Choice Label is based on an internationally agreed framework; ISO 14 024 requiring the establishment of detailed standard and on-site verification of compliance (www.geca.org.au).

The choice of one product over another on environmental grounds is becoming more and more critical. Hebel® asks you to consider the GECA Label and choose products with low environmental impacts so we can all contribute to a better environment.

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